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Niraj Shakya UX/UI/Front-end Developer/Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator from Nepal


Me - Myself

just a simple guy who wants to solve problems, create new things, be more innovative

About me

I’m a design lover who loves to design everyday, solve problems - come up with new concept, become more creative, innovate, visualize great imagination and going deeper n deeper into imagination to make outstanding projects and finally simplifying complex one

Current status

I'm living in Kathmandu, Nepal, working at Vesuvio Lab(London based Company) and learning news things...


  • Professional & good at UX, UI, Graphic Design, Visualization, Pixel Perfect Icons Design, HTML/ HTML 5, CSS/CSS 3, SASS, SVG, Wireframe, Prototype, Site flow, User flow
  • Black Belt atPhotoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Sublime, Webstorm
  • Good at Sketching, Javascript(basic core coding)
  • Knowledge atJquery, .net(MVP 6), php, SEO


  • Awarded as "Best Newcomer Idea on Artificially Enhanced Banking" in Jovoto.com, July, 2016
  • Awarded as "Outstanding Performance & Highly Creative" in Braindigit IT Solution, Gyaneshor, Kathmandu, March, 2014
  • Awarded as “Certificate for The Most Creative Employee” in Braindigit IT Solutions, Gyaneshor, Kathmandu, 01 Febraury, 2013.
  • Awarded as “Certificate for Best Designer” in Link Plus Offshore, Bagdole, Lalitpur 16th March, 2010.


Let's Bond

me living @ kathmandu, Nepal email me @ nirajuxd@gmail.com
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